About Our Projects

We have a wide selection of projects to choose from, but you'll need to book in advance to guarantee your project is available! We have two primary types of craft - DIY Kits and DIY Deluxe

We carry a wide selection of DIY kits in the store, but we cannot guarantee availability of your chosen project unless you book 5 days in advance.

During January, DIY Deluxe signs can only be made during evening and weekend parties.

DIY Kits

DIY Kits can be made during any kind of Craft Party, but are subject to availability. If there is a specific sign you would like to make, please reserve a Private Party with 5 days notice, and we'll guarantee your sign!

You don't need to be a large group for a Private Party, but we only take group bookings of 6 or more people outside opening hours.

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DIY Deluxe Selection

The projects below are available during Private Parties on evenings and weekends.

The images below are digital - just to show you the designs available. You will be able to use your own creative flair to make your signs using a wide range of colors and bring them to life!