Local Makers - Sell with Us!

About Us

The Crafty Shambles is a family owned craft business, launched in 2020. Over the last few years we have attended countless craft fairs and markets, and had the opportunity to meet and see a wide range of talented local makers.

What Are We Offering?

On Saturday October 1st, we will be opening our first store in Bentonville Arkansas, at the 100 Center, the corner of North Walton and Central. We are inviting Northwest Arkansas local artists and crafters to sell in the store with us on a commission basis. 

What Are You Looking For?

We want to make sure we provide a wide range of the best Northwest Arkansas has to offer. Although we produce a range of products ourselves, we want to offer as much variety as our space allows. 

We are open to all artists and crafters, but we definitely would love to hear from crafters involved in woodworking, resin work, soaps & candles, pottery, floral, quilting, metal work to name a few. If you have products that promote NWA, we're definitely interested in those too! We will limit the number of crafters for each particular area of expertise.

Any Exclusions?

Only a few. We will not be accepting applications from MLM vendors at this time. In addition, we will not allow any products that we believe infringe on any known copyrights / trademarks, or any products that are deemed inappropriate or controversial in nature (e.g. political / sexual etc.). 

How Will Commission Work?

For most items, our commission rate is 25% or $50 per item (whichever is the lowest) with no upfront costs or set monthly fees. When you sell - you'll get paid the end of that month. 

25% may seem high, but we will be taking care of staffing to sell your products, most the marketing (you can still help!), handling the tax etc. You have no booth fees and you don’t have to stand at the booth all day! We also cap the commission at $50 per item, so for the majority of higher priced items, if 25% is higher than $50, the commission doesn’t go higher than that. 

Will You Promote My Products?

Yes! We will be actively promoting The Crafty Shambles Studio Store and as many products as we can across multiple social media channels in addition to when we attend markets and craft events. Our goal is to also offer all products on our website as well. We have over 1000 Facebook followers already, and we'll be growing our Instagram and TikTok channels over the next few months. We have a lot of plans - but we'll also need your help. 

All approved vendors will be invited to a private Facebook group where we'll work as a community to promote the store and all the products. Working together, we will make this more successful. 

Why is it called a Studio Store?

50% of the store is dedicated to craft making! We will have scheduled and walk in events where the public and private parties can come to the store and make their own crafts. We know from past workshops that the people that come to the studio will shop in the store as well! 

We will also be opening up the Studio to local makers who would like to teach craft classes. We'll talk more about this in the Facebook group. 

What Do I Need To Do?

If you are interested in being a local maker with The Crafty Shambles, send us an e-mail - team@thecraftyshambles.com. 

Please include the following information...

  • Your name
  • Your contact phone number / e-mail address
  • Your website / Facebook page / Instagram
  • Photos of items you would like to be considered for selling 
  • Price point for the items 

It may take a few weeks for us to get back to you as we are in the process of building the store, but once we do, we'll need to move quickly!

Chosen vendors will need to provide a copy of their W9, bank details (so we can pay you) a list of items you would like to submit for selling and a vendor contract.

Once that is complete, we'll get selected vendors added to our Facebook group and then schedule time with you in late July to drop off your products, get items in our inventory and begin selling as soon as we open! 

If you have questions that we haven't answered here, please send them over in your initial application e-mail!