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Virtual Learning Door Sign - 3D Pencil

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  • It's time for school, and if you've got kids staying at home virtual learning, this is the perfect sign for you. With all those zoom calls / digital classrooms on top of everything else, do you really want to answer the door unless that person can add value through either caffeine or relieving you of math duty? Of course you don't - and this sign is perfect to address that need! 
  • Prefer Tacos to Coffee? Maybe Wine? We can change the wording! If the option you want is not on the list, please write in the provided text box
  • This sign is laser cut and hand painted. 
  • The pencil is in 3D. If you would like 3D lettering - check out our Full 3D sign! 
  • Cut on Walnut Wood
  • Measures 9" Diameter
  • Comes with twine for easy hanging on/by your front door. 
  • Good luck with the math....