Mid-March Check In!

Mid-March Check In!

There are three things we will be focusing on this year. First - our Site, and we're making great progress making it even better, adding new products, and making it really easy for you to order personalized items. The second is Studio, and offering workshops for people to come in, make signs and have fun. We are 7 sessions in and making changes and improvements all the time. The third is Social, both physically and virtually - through bringing our range to local events, craft fairs and markets or being loud and proud on Facebook, TikTok (hopefully soon) and other Social Media. 

With that comes an announcement! Not only are we an Events Partner / Sponsor of Bentonville First Fridays this year (which we're super excited about), we are also confirmed for Bentonville Farmer's and Art Market - every Saturday morning from April 9th through end of October! This is the closest we get to having a store on the Square, so we love being able to be there 4-6 days a month! 

We have an event in Grove OK next weekend, so the workshop has been reworked into "setup" mode so we can figure out what we need to make to bring - and already we know it's going to be a great line up. Don't worry if you can't make it to Grove, we'll be bringing it to Bentonville First Friday the following week. 

What else is new? We have new products we'll be sharing this week - so keep an eye out on Facebook for those... there's one we've added to the site today but we can't promote it on Facebook due to profanity.... so working on a way to advertise it to you all! 

We know the website still isn't quite there. The Studio pages may look a little weird if you are viewing them on certain browsers. We found a fix for this today and working on making those pages better. The Events page is also under development. Hoping to have both of these up and running properly in the next day or two. 

More to share very soon! 


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