Busy days

Busy days

We haven’t posted in a while… we’ve been busy busy, and I do hope everyone had a good Easter.

 The run up to Mother’s Day is not one you can put into words, and then factor in multiple events, and many unforeseen events both inside and outside TCS, it’s a lot to be dealing with. 

That said, the show must go on… except when it can’t, and there’s going to be a few changes to the immediate schedule that you may notice. We try really hard not to cancel events, because the ones we choose are ones that we are looking forward to and we actively support, so when you see a cancellation, know that we’ve done everything we could to try and make it… until we couldn’t. 

Looking ahead to May… we will be on Bentonville Square for First Friday, and then we will have Art Market every Saturday too. We have a Studio Sign Making Workshop planned for May 1st which is still going to go ahead at this moment but remains subject to change. 

Once we are through the Mother’s Day rush expect to see new products, new signs, more studio, until then please just bear with us ! 

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