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Medal Holder - Runners - Award Holder

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Photo Inserts

Runners get ALL the bling, and this is the perfect medal holder for runners who just keep collecting and collecting more and more medals. So whether you've run the Dopey Challenge at Disney, or whether you've completed multiple Rock and Roll running challenges - this medal holder can be customized for your needs!

The photos show multiple examples of how we may be able to customize your holder. Just need the centerpiece and one medal holder - we can do that! Or you can order the centerpiece and 6!

If you have photos you'd like to incorporate into the display, you can order those as well. Whether you need the centerpiece, 1-6 medal holders, or photo holders or a combination of all - you can get them through this listing. We'll personalize to your instructions as well.

Each hexagon is 6 inches in diameter at the widest point.

To order...

1) Choose your centerpiece (standard, Dopey style, no centerpiece)
2) The number of hexagonal medal holders

3) The number of photo inserts - note that you will need to cut your photos to fit the insert. 

Once you've made those choices, in the Personalization box, please let us know what you would like on the centerpiece e.g. the logo / race name / name of the runner / a quote. 

How does it attach?
Each hexagon needs to attach to the wall separately - we recommend using command strips for each segment.