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Bathroom Humor Tiered Tray | DIY Kit

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Start the laughter in the bathroom with this tiered tray full of whimsical signs.

As a DIY kit, you will receive all the items (including the tray) unpainted and unglued. Not included: You will need to use acrylic paint, wood glue or super glue to build and make the set.

If you would prefer to receive a completed tiered tray - click here 

This tiered tray features multiple whimsical signs that can be displayed in many ways. The toilet rolls pictured will attach with string and will hang on the central tier. 

Whimsical signs include...

"Please Seat Yourself", "Nice Butt", "Please Flush This Is Not Show and Tell", "My aim is to keep this bathroom clean, your aim will help", "The Best Seat In The House", " Get Naked - Just Kidding this is a half bath, don't make it weird", "Hello Sweet Cheeks", "Ready Aim Fire", and "The soap isn't just for decoration, use it". 

When assembled, this tiered tray is approximately 20" tall and 12" wide at the bottom base.